I’m back

Like the dialogue made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’m back” to e-space!
Various commitments in and out of Pune followed by plain old laziness took me away but that is no excuse…
On my return, what do I find? Following local elections, Pune is engulfed in a water crisis as the high point of a day is hearing the growling engine of an approaching water tanker! Whatever the reasons for the sudden water cuts, its something we have to live with till the rains at least.

A drive around the city shows that spring has settled in despite huge temperature variations. The golden blaze of the Tabebuia can catch you off guard and take your breath away even as the Jacaranda casts a soothing bluish haze over the tree line and a blue carpet at your feet… New leaves on the Moha blush as the Casia grandis preens in its pink glory competing with the greenish white fragrant blooms of Shirish.

I can go on but its better to walk down the streets and look up at the trees and enjoy this lovely season.
They too seem to be saying “I’m back” despite the changing climate, tree cutting and so on...


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  1. really poetic -agree with kshitija!

    Here is the link for photographs i had taken two months back:


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