Setting dahi in Fossil stone: Experiment 2

Continuing from an earlier post, here is an account of what happened when I subjected my glass made of fossil stone (from Jaisalmer) to some treatments!

Research showed that the porous stone may hold spore of bacteria that regrow under ideal conditions. So I put boiling water in the cup for about half an hour, changing the water when it cooled. Then washed the glass as usual. Thereafter I immersed the glass in butter milk for about four hours and again washed it clean.

The next day, I again poured about 50 ml of warm milk and waited for it to set. Though it took longer than usual, the milk did turn into curd and this time it tasted like our usual curd. Its texture, colour was normal.

Does this confirm claims that its fossil stone (from Jaisalmer) can curdle/set milk into dahi without a starter medium? These amateur trials at home certainly cannot prove anything but the fact remains that despite taking a longer time, my experiment did end with ‘dahi’ in the glass.

Dahi for thought?

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  1. Hi,
    After keeping the Butter Milk for few hrs have you cleaned it properly? It is just to confirm that no residual Buttermilk was there when you kept milk in it later. Remember this a porous stone and the bacteria from buttermilk can hide in it for a long time. Just to check,if possible , first clean the vessel with warm water, then pour butter milk , keep it for 4 hours, then clean again with HOT water, then pour milk and see, what comes out, curd or soured milk

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