Coffee:Boiled or Filtered?

Here in Maharashtra, many people prefer to drink their coffee boiled. Personally I have never liked this version as it leaves a grainy taste and somehow does not give the ‘nervous stimulus’ that one seeks in a cup of coffee particularly when fighting to stay awake- that’s my opinion.

There are times when I have opted for tea if the usual filtered (nothing to beat this version) or the instant version is not available.

However this study shows that boiled coffee may actually be beneficial for women. (Click here or copy paste the following in your browser:

Research by Lena Nilsson and associates at UmeƄ University showed that women who drink Scandinavian boiled coffee, (chemically similar to French press and Turkish/Greek coffee) over four times everyday run a lower risk of developing breast cancer than women who drink coffee less than once per day. For the the first time experts could show that different brewing techniques can lead to different risk patterns for cancer.

I hope you have read the above research.
In a broader perspective, it is sensible to focus on proper cooking techniques and not only ingredients as the wrong method contribute to ill health.
Food for thought?
I wonder….

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