Its raining!

Finally the rains are here- not withstanding global warming, any stray cyclones and predictions of the met department.
Rains invoke different feelings in every one of us- happiness, revulsion (those having walked in the muddy rain water will agree), awe, helplessness (inability to move out due to flooded roads or inch ahead in bumper-to-bumper traffic is an immense test of patience).

Rains also elicit some strange behaviour. Here are some examples:

  • Hurrying guests to eat proffered biscuits or crisps (even at the risk of sounding rude). Keeping them exposed in this highly humid air does make them soggy. In these days of zooming food inflation one just cant afford to keep throwing away the stuff.
  • Dump starched sarees in favour of synthetics.
  • Skip exercise sessions and not feel guilty – the rain and slush and muddy roads (and the tekdis) will deter the most determined exerciser…
  • Use your oldest usable foot wear ones that you would otherwise not be want to be seen in. Guess this is will translate to ‘use and throw’
  • Find unusual uses for your umbrella- keep open sideways in the rickshaws to avoid getting sprayed by mud from parallel traffic, keep open over your plants (mainly bonsai) cant have them water logged…

Look around and we will find many more…
Enjoy the rains and stay healthy!

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