Phoren or Indian

The H1NI1 outbreak in India surely owes its origins to foreign countries. Many of the positive cases in India are people who have travelled abroad.
Among warnings issued to people to prevent H1N1 infection is to avoid foreign (phoren) travel.

I can’t speak for other parts of India but in Pune certainly, foreign (phoren) returnees are always looked upon in awe. Lets say till this H1N1 outbreak. Suddenly nobody thronged to visit people returning home from visiting their kith and kin or their foreign holiday.
Those who did, were openly asked questions if they suffered from symptoms, did the people they stayed with suffer symptoms and so on….
Discomforting? Certainly…
Embarrassing? Probably…
Arrogant? Certainly not…

The dilemma is worse with visiting foreign (phoren) relatives (particularly those keen for a desi experience in their northern hemisphere summer).

This weekend there are many more people moving around wearing masks on their faces. Pune girls/women are not new to such facial protection used as they are to tying long scarves or dupattas around their heads.
As we try to protect ourselves will the namaste/ namaskar (an Indian form of greeting people with folded hands) be a more hygienic form instead of the foreign (phoren) hand-shake?

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