What do we eat?

Dals are an important source of protein for vegetarians. Several experts advice preparing them in different combinations for maximum benefits.
Yet the current situation is hardly conducive to a wholesome vegetarian diet.
Prices of dals have gone through the roof.
Tur dal costs Rs 100 per kilo with some ‘premium’ varieties costing much more.
Other varieties are not far behind.

There are several reasons being thrown around. Some blame it on commodity trading.
Others on inadequate production. Read this Financial Express report.
There are reports of huge stocks of imported dal lying (rotting is the word used by some) at ports across India. Read this India Today report.
Our Parliament too witnessed some action on this issue. Read about it on this report on rediff.com.

Inflation on 30 Jul 2009 stood at minus 1.54%. Read about it at Commodity Online.
Where does that leave the vegetarian common man?
Most are in no mood to be explained intricacies of economics. The people need concrete action.

Marie Antionette supposedly asked people to eat cake if they dont have bread.

What do we eat?

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