Cinnamon Spice

Pune has fast developed into a foodies paradise. Despite being a relatively small city, getting around is a problem but nothing should stop one in search of a well cooked and attractively served meal.
Cinnamon Spice a ‘dhaba’ style restaurant is one such joint one can safely head for. Situated in Aundh, this is a compact open air well decorated place with welcoming and knowledgeable staff. Now getting a table for 2/3/4 or more people without a reservation in Pune particularly on weekends means spending at least the better part of an hour staring into plates of current table occupants and desperately trying not to show it. Why do people have to keep ordering that extra course??
Yet we found that space was not an issue at Cinnamon Spice which for me was a big plus. No parking woes either as they offer valet services else there is plentiful space for those who do not want that extra bit of feudal service.
The restaurant has an open kitchen which means one is treated to a potent mixture of aromas and fumes as the chefs busily work at the tandoor or the stoves. Additionally it also means, hygiene standards are necessarily high.
Decorated to resemble a dhaba complete with the staff outfits, Cinnamon Spice has a live band (a duo on the day we visited the place) singing what else… Hindi numbers.
Muted lights, terracotta shades, copper serving bowls set the mood and service is quite prompt.
The menu offers limited choice for vegetarians, though the list of kebabs on offer is varied enough. The selection of liquor and mocktails is adequate too. Angrezi tarkari, Dal makhani lived up to expectations as did the butter naan. Pomphret, prawns, chicken all seemed tantalising and delicious as I smelt and watched them being served piping hot right in front of me!
Rates are on the higher side but worth the drive out there.
For those looking for an option this weekend, check this out.

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