Bulls and Bears

Fuel prices hiked, scream newspaper and other media headlines.

Roll back, urge everyone but those in power.

The Sensex falls by a few hundred almost daily.

Inflation in double digits.

Crude reaches new peak.

Is there no good news, I ask?

Search and you will find news pegs of Indian firms forming JVs or even acquiring firms, winning major projects and adding capacities.

Despite the nay sayers, I am told there was record high payment of advance tax for the current quarter. I am not a finance person but is that not because company earnings are good?

The gloom is not an India specific phenomenon. One finds inflation across the world, to a larger or smaller extent. So many foreign companies are reporting losses, banks going under and retrenchment is on in a big way.

There are several so called ‘experts’ who fuel negativity with dire predictions. Yet there are some sane voices.

Should we really let the bear hug lower our moral, our determination?

Life is never a bed of roses. We have no control over whatever happens abroad or for that matter our politicians. We need to continue with our work, make a difference wherever we can and things will change for the better soon. They have too. It cannot be a one way fall downwards…

Let the bears and bulls continue their fight. We have work to do. Nation building is something each one of must contribute to.

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