Xmas Cake

3 cups Butter
3 cups sugar
2 tsp Baking powder
10-12 eggs
2 tsp Vanilla essence
5 cups Flour

1 cup of sugar to be burnt till black and made into a thick syrup
Marinated dry fruits (ref: https://yenforblue.com/2007/11/xmas-cake.html)

Mix butter and sugar till creamy
Add eggs one by one till sugar dissolves
Add the baking powder
Add essence and then the flour. Stir in till well-mixed.
Add burnt sugar, mix.
Add marinated dry fruits dusted in flour.
Mix well and bake at low heat (150-180 deg Celsius) till done!

Viola! Let cool thoroughly before cutting. Ideally leave overnight!
But if you can’t resist the aroma, then go ahead, warm pieces are just as divine.

If you think this procedure is too tedious, just imagine how hard these guys must have worked:

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Finally! I’d thought we’d have to leave the marinated dry fruit soaking in rum till next Christmas… If the hoards didnt eat up the fruit & nuts on days when the bars ran dry that is
    Thanks, that is the yummiest most sinful cake ever; the best are of no other kind really!!

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