Simple Stress Solution

There I was on a slow boil for some apparently important reason. I could feel my heart pounding. The usual route was not available to me then, namely the lachrymal glands. I freely indulged in a copious outpouring to let go all built up emotions-be they anger or sorrow even at the risk of being labeled uncharitable names by my family.

Through the red haze clouding my mind, the brown leaves of my once green plants grabbed my attention. Surely the gardener had been instructed to clean the foliage while watering. Instead of giving in to yet another combustible point, I grabbed the water sprayer, filled it with water and attacked the leaves.

Pune city lovingly coats all its occupants with a layer of dust, grime and other miscellaneous pollutants especially in summers. The leaves of my plants too had turned a uniform brown black from assorted shades of green, white and reds.

As I doused the leaves the muck slowly but surely got washed away. I soon was totally engrossed in reaching for every leaf and branch from all angles. Before I realized it I had refilled the sprayer and had moved onto the second plant.

I happily noted that my plants were smiling at me again. I could see the lovely shades of white and green on my variegated varieties and reds on my Coleus. The rose buds too seemed to say thank you! I noticed yet another strange fact. I was feeling much calmer and happier. Occasional droplets of water blew onto me for a welcome cooling effect.

In no time I had restored my plants to their natural state. A little analysis showed that the spraying action was similar to that demanded by the ubiquitous stress balls. I had found an instant stress buster, which also helped de-stress my plants. I could now manage my stress even when surrounded by people and with no fear of unwanted branding like ‘cry baby’.

Stress is an unavoidable part of our lives and some say it actually improves performance. The important thing is to learn to manage it. Here is another cool tool to help you out. Almost all homes boast of some representative of the plant kingdom, the so-called ‘lucky bamboo’ or ‘dancing bamboos’ being the latest entrants. A sprayer costs just around 50 rupees and works just as well on plastic plant varieties.

Get a sprayer today and do a favour to yourself and your plants. Try out this simple stress solution for instantaneous results.

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