Millingtonia hortensis

A walk down roads in Pune these days brings wafts of a heavenly perfume. A strong breeze and the fortunate standing below a particular roadside tree are showered with rain of white long flowers! From a distance the falling flowers form a net curtain beyond which one can see the sun struggling to come out behind the clouds!

The tree locally known as ‘buccha’ that bears the botanical name ‘Millingtonia hortensis’ is in full bloom right now. Morning walkers can walk over a carpet of blooms that have fallen at night. The old trees stand majestically tall even towering over newer taller buildings. I am told the tree can grow up to 80 feet tall!

Just look up a tree squinting your eyes against the sunlight and you can see the upright open clusters with drooping blooms looking rather like stars. Each trumpet shaped flower has a waxy texture. Collect some and keep on your study table and bring some nature indoors.

This tree belongs to the Bignoniaceae family. Yet another tree that blooms at night and whose blooms carpet the roads at sunrise is ‘Prajakta’ or Nyctanthes arbor-tristis. That is also in bloom right now and the exquisite tiny star shaped flowers with orange stems do not take kindly to human handling!
So go out and enjoy nature’s treats. I only wish I could link up some of the divine fragrance for you! Till then lets make do with these pictures! (you can click on the picture to get full screen view)


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  1. Good.I shall be bringing these flowers home now. Thanks and do keep us posted about nature’s gifts.

  2. ah those heavenly flowers ‘buchchachi phula’ outside the ladies hostel gate at fergusson college!!! those amongst us who are alumni would instantly recollect the time spent eating ‘perus’ while bunking classes… their aroma reminds me of my trouble-free baggage-free youth.

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