Puneri Tadka!

Just read an article in the newspaper depicting idiosyncrasies of Puneri’s.
Here is my own take:

Try praising any individual to any true Puneite and one always gets a derisive response, “Oh him” (or her as the case maybe), “I know him, he was in my school and always got the poorest marks” or some other dark aspect in the person’s life he would surely not want to include in his resume!

Shopping at any of Marathi shops reveals the ‘Take it or leave it’ attitude of salespersons. Try asking for something else but you may as well have asked for the moon. “Do you want this or not?” is a question you have to answer first. Some veterans have even been known to tell customers to try elsewhere!

The Peshwa’s have long gone but their traditions continue. The afternoon siesta is a must for shops so if you need something urgently after 1 PM then just too bad. You’ll have to wait till 4.30 PM before the shop reopens. No signs of any market progress here methinks!

No article about Pune can be complete without any reference to the rickshaws! Brangelina too could not resist a ride in one of these famed vehicles! But very sensibly they made sure to travel at daytime. Try asking for a ride after 8PM and every ricksha driver worth his salt will refuse a potential customer if it means having to go in a direction opposite to where he lives. Yet the same driver in his avatar as ‘rickshawale kaka’ who ferries school children is the most loveable and dependable person. I have personally seen many treating their group of kids to ice creams or cake on the final day of school academic years! Jekyll and Hyde?

Pune is soon becoming famous for its eating joints, top of the line, street side fare and everything in between, all full up with a long queue outside waiting for their turn at the gastronomic delights. Make a trip to the vegetable market and you will find hardly find space to put in a foot, everyone apparently stocking up for unforeseen difficulties! There are several providers who deliver freshly chopped vegetables straight to your doorsteps. Lets not forget the ubiquitous dabbawalas. In short food in all forms raw to cooked is brisk business here. My only question, in the above scenario how much food does an average Puneri really consume? No wonder the tekdi’s and yoga groups are a big hit here!

That’s sizzling Pune for you, love it or leave it!


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  1. Good show.Could you please write something about places to eatin Pune? Would be helpful for non Maharashtrians.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion. I will certainly do that in due course of time.


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