Chak De

Just got back from watching this much spoken of movie. Yet another ‘blue’ team with the added baggage of being the ‘fairer’ sex.

Kabir’s energy seeps through the screen and infuses optimism, hope and determination in the crowd. Wonderful to see over a hundred people respectfully standing for the national anthem.

Shah Rukh and Yashraj score a century here! Hey should that not be goal???

The winning shot. Is that better?

Whatever, the movie is definitely worth a dekkho standing like a pillar amongst its peers with their foreign locales and designer looks.

But does the message last? As we drive out, the drivers are back to their habit of edging each other out. Speed ahead. Don’t ever give way to another. Traffic rules are for fools.

So that answers my question.

Think about it….

Who stands to gain if we are united, work as one, put the nation/society before self?

And are all gains only to be measured in rupees?

The cynics will say, Chuck it out of the window….

I would prefer, Chak de.
Chak de India


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