First Steps

Abhi’s cousin had sequinned shoes and Abhie longed to wear them, the only time , when she had envied anyone. Sensing her desire Ma had got her similar ones as a trophy for today’s task. Abhi smiled in anticipation and excitement. After 10 years on this earth, today she was taking her first steps in the Parallel Bars.  She commanded her unwilling limbs supported with splints to move ahead one excruciating step at a time.  It was tough going.

Abhi thought she would faint as her throat went dry even as the twinkling shoes at the far end beckoned her forwards. She could see herself in the biggest sequin and the shoes glowed golden from sunlight streaming in from the window.

Abhi was almost there… She could sense Ma and Varshadi- her therapist, cheering her on but their words were drowned by the thudding of her heart. Three steps more, two more and then suddenly she was enveloped in her Ma’s arms, both crying copiously as if their hearts would break. Abhi tried to wipe her mother’s tears, which seemed to be glittering brighter than any baubles.. So what if her limbs were not fully under her control and her speech not clear? Abhilasha  was one of God’s own children and ‘special’ to everyone else.

The shoes were a perfect fit and Abhi admired her multiple reflections in them.  She was tired but agreed instantaneously for another walk. Her life journey would be rockier than most others but she could do it, she would!

I am joining Vinitha in her Fiction Monday series using the word prompt ‘faint’.

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  1. Lovely story, Archana. What a brave girl Abhi was!!

    Great take on the prompt. So glad to stop by your blog, Archana. 🙂

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