Anita finished folding a tissue into a fan and kept on top of a pile which she had made today.  Since there were no more tissues, she started pleating her bedsheet. Tiny folds, each fold precisely put over the one below it. 

“They really should be giving me more paper and I can’t find my scissors either..I will tell the lady who brings my meals. Is she Laxmi? Or Parvati? 

And why am I here..I want to go home ..”

Anita tried very hard but could not recollect where she was. They said this was her home, but somehow she felt herself a stranger here. Her mind seemed to be shrouded in a thick fog..anywhere she looked was a blank..not even a faint memory. 

“Maybe I should ask the kind Man who comes to check on me daily. How does he know I like Mango ice-cream? And rose petals to make into a rangoli**. He seems to know everything about me.” 

The doorbell rang and his voice reverberated in the house. 

“Kashi ahes? I have brought karanji for you today Aai.”***

So saying he sat down to feed her. 


* Aai means Mother in Marathi

**Rangoli are designs created on the floor usually as an auspicious sign.

***  How are you? I have brought Karanji for you today Mother.

Karanji is a sweet preparation like Gujjia.

I am joining Vinitha in her Fiction Monday series using the promt ‘faint’.

16 Replies to “Aai*”

  1. This is a heartbreaking tale, Archana. To be trapped in one’s mind that’s a blank canvas is heartwrenching, especially for their loved ones. You have captured the helplessness so beautifully.

  2. So well expressed. It is hard for the near and dear ones to come to terms with this. My Grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s. Can’t imagine what you went through. Take care Tai ❤️

  3. Archana Kaku,
    Now I’m crying at work! I miss them so much.
    Thank you for the lovely read. Sometimes stories convey what I feel better than I can describe. Such was this story for me.
    Lots of love, Madhura

  4. Beautifully narrated, Archana.
    From your comments I gather its a personal experience…hope you are able to stay strong through this journey…

  5. Life does become very sad when it becomes trapped in the layers of the mind where no one can seem to go or make sense – well done Archana!

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