Y is for Young

Hello! Welcome to my seventh attempt at the April AtoZ blogging challenge. My theme this year is Experiences of a first time grandmother! Some sweet, salty moments and learnings! My posts are totally based on what I felt (may even border on rants) and are not meant to be a guide. 


Every stage in a woman’s life involves a huge change.. its difficult to say which is a bigger challenge … 
– Puberty which changes a carefree girl to young woman 
– Marriage that makes her simultaneously balance the hats of a ‘daughter in law’, wife and professional.
– Motherhood which entails carrying, giving birth to, nurturing and then moulding the mind of her young one.
– Mother in law – this is equally challenging as she has to ‘let go’ of her child (son or daughter) to set up his own nest .. IMHO it may be more difficult for the mother of a son. 
– Becoming a grandmother.. again not something to be done lightly.. and this AtoZ is all about becoming a grandma..

The best part of becoming a grandma is that I can play, sing, dance with Grandbaba without inhibitions.. Baby talk becomes a norm as does miming nursery rhymes and stories.

I can easily avoid household chores and spend time happily playing with the baby. 

Hide and Seek, Catch Catch, Hopscotch (my daughter used to call it Stapu), making sand castles and card towers. Finding joy in a weirdly shaped stone or chase the butterflies in the garden. These are just a few of things I am looking forward to..

Its my time to a revive the child in me.. to become young again! 

I am sure my thoughts may cause a deja vu to some of you especially someone who has hosted a new born. I would love to hear from you!

See you tomorrow folks!

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Disclaimer: My posts do mention some products or service providers but these are not sponsored and not meant to be an advertisement.  All posts are from a maternal grandmother’s point of view!

8 Replies to “Y is for Young”

  1. Though I'm now old enough to be a granddad, I still remember my grandmother. She was very fond of me. She taught me some of the wonderful lessons of life in the form of proverbs or stories.

    Women grow up and assume many roles. But men too do that.

  2. I loved the way that you had written about the different roles of women. Hope you have great fun playing with your GrandBaba. 🙂

  3. A grand child certainly brings the child hiding inside the Grand parent's heart!
    I have a treasure trove of happy, sweet, and cute memories about the time I had spent with my grandparents, both set of grandparents to be precise. One of the fondest memory is that of me sitting beside my grandpa and watching him milk the cows when our help failed to turn up on certain days. He would give me a glass full of warm fresh milk once his job was over. He even helped me milk the cow.

  4. @Anagha Wow! you are blessed to have such wonderful grandparents! Thank you for sharing your childhood memories!

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