U is for Unconditional

Hello! Welcome to my seventh attempt at the April AtoZ blogging challenge. My theme this year is Experiences of a first time grandmother! Some sweet, salty moments and learnings! My posts are totally based on what I felt (may even border on rants) and are not meant to be a guide. 


Phew.. As usual, despite a theme, some alphabets are a huge challenge in the AtoZ. My thinking cap for today’s alphabet kept throwing out the above words..
That’s when I realised that for a Grandma to truly and properly do her ‘job’ in looking an infant and the new Mom is to be unconditional.

Do what is to be done with unlimited love, without expectations and no reservations and overcome my own reservations if needed. 
There is no place for ego clashes, petty behaviour

New Mom and Baby has to be focus of attention, as one needs to adjust to this New World and the other has to recover from pregnancy and labour. 

It is time for healing and nurturing.
Of welcoming a new family member.

Unconditional love. Unconditional care. 

I know you will agree with me… 
I am sure my thoughts may cause a deja vu to some of you especially someone who has hosted a new born. I would love to hear from you!

See you tomorrow folks!

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8 Replies to “U is for Unconditional”

  1. Sweet post, Archana and I agree with you that some letters are very difficult for selecting a word. Much worse coming next week. Hopefully, all goes well. Happy A2Zing 🙂
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  2. Grandparents are people stuffed with oodles of love and care for their grandchildren. Isnt that true? A big yes, going by my own experience.
    -Its U for Unusual Request at canvaswithrainbow.com/unusual-request/

  3. Grandparents are the best people to spoil their grandchildren with their unconditional love and support. Mine still do. 🙂

  4. @Anagha Grandkids and grandparents have a unique relationship!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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