Q is for Questions

Hello! Welcome to my seventh attempt at the April AtoZ blogging challenge. My theme this year is Experiences of a first time grandmother! Some sweet, salty moments and learnings! My posts are totally based on what I felt (may even border on rants) and are not meant to be a guide. 

Questions questions questions
I faced many of them, some from the daughter, some came up in my mind .. all through the pregnancy and later with the newborn. Several websites of reputed institutions helped clear many doubts and in fact prevented us from tearing off to the doctor in the middle of the night. WebMDMayo Clinic, are just a couple that I refer to. 

I would like to recommend You Tube videos by Dr Supriya Puranik – she provides pregnancy related information in an easy to understand manner in Hindi and in the Indian context.

Then there were the questions by visitors – both friends and relatives.
“Does the baby cry?” An affirmative answer almost always produced a gleeful smile.. 
“Does the baby sleep at night?” A negative answer elicited the same reaction as above

Sadistic pleasure or simply stupid questions?? 

What has been your experience? I am sure my thoughts may cause a deja vu to some of you especially someone who has hosted a new born. I would love to hear from you!

See you tomorrow folks!

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Disclaimer: My posts do mention some products or service providers but these are not sponsored and not meant to be an advertisement.  All posts are from a maternal grandmother’s point of view!

8 Replies to “Q is for Questions”

  1. WebMD and Mayo Clinic have been my helpline for long. Thank you for these recommendations. Awesome!

  2. @Frederique Yet these are the two commonest questions.. Tough luck for the new Moms!Thank you for stopping by 🙂

  3. It was very annoying for me when someone asked does your baby sleep well at night. My son would get up every 2 hours for at least in the initial months, at night. I used to be sleep-deprived and any inquiry on the topic would frustrate me further. The second time, when we were to welcome the baby in the family, my only wish was the baby should sleep well and bingo…the baby did sleep well. But this time around, having weathered the nasty questions once, I was not bothered!
    – Its Q for Que Sera Sera at canvaswithrainbow.com/que-sera-sera/

  4. @Anagha I am sure my daughter totally relates to what you have described with your first born. And you were better prepared the second time! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

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