N is for Night

Hello! Welcome to my seventh attempt at the April AtoZ blogging challenge. My theme this year is Experiences of a first time grandmother! Some sweet, salty moments and learnings! My posts are totally based on what I felt (may even border on rants) and are not meant to be a guide. 

Night. Sleep. Sleep deprived.

This a recurring topic with new Moms and their newborns. And the grandmas as well. 
I stayed up every time our baby woke at night initially as we were not confident of handling and changing the infant and then just for solidarity with my daughter. Take care of the soiled diapers and so on. 

Its a rule for new Moms to sleep when Baby sleeps. Not for Grandmoms especially if she like decides to stay awake at night  —- then she (I) ends up dozing during the day. This can be pretty embarrassing or downright dangerous if driving. 

Night is also the time when Colic strikes and it is an unnerving experience for everyone. It is said that burping the baby after feeds is the best way to avoid Colicy pain. The hospital Nurses were a good guide for daughter and me to learn the firm touch vital to manoeuvre the tiny tot into different positions to encourage the burp.

While its considered bad manners for an adult to burp, that’s the best sound you want to hear from an infant!!  

What has been your experience? I am sure my thoughts may cause a deja vu to some of you especially someone who has hosted a new born. I would love to hear from you!

See you tomorrow folks!

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Disclaimer: My posts do mention some products or service providers but these are not sponsored and not meant to be an advertisement. All posts are from a maternal grandmother’s point of view! 

6 Replies to “N is for Night”

  1. I am sleep deprived most days … can understand. True the sound of their burp is music to ears.

  2. Mothers sleep when their baby does. My best friend keep repeating this dialogue to me. So I know it very well. Luckily for her, her daughter is now sleeping through the night, so she's less sleep deprived.

  3. @Shweta Your friend must be quite comfortable and less stressed now! Thank you for sharing !

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