Twins (ThursdayTreeLove)

I spotted these trees recently. All efforts to take a ‘solo’ photo of them failed as it was a very busy road and vehicles simply couldnt be kept out of the frame. 
Going closer meant losing some part of the tree. 

Trees, Adansonia, Pune

 The twins look magnificent don’t you think??

So here is the Baobab that is called Adansonia digitata and belongs the Bombacaeae family. It is native to Africa and has been introduced to India hundreds of years ago. In fact, it seems to be quite happy here considering that it flowers and fruits happily. It can be easily identified by its palmate leaves and its huge trunk. The trunk is said to store water. In the above photo, the white flowers are of the Plumeria though the Baobab also bears white flowers.

I have seen this species at four other places in Pune and this was a new find for me! This is also my third Baobab post on my blog! 

I am joining Parul in her ThursdayTreeLove bloghop. Do head over to see some fantastic trees from around the world. Better still, join in!

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  1. Those trees are quite lovely! Sorry cars kept getting in the shot… I feel like that always happens the minute you put the camera to your face. If you hadn't wanted a picture, no cars would have driven by!

    With Love,

  2. @Mandy.. Haha.. yes.. I am sure that would have happened! Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  3. I actually found a baobob near where I live in upstate New York (hint: It's being grown indoors). They are majestic trees indeed.

  4. Trees photo looks so simple yet powerful. Wonder if both the trees were of same type though, then they are twins in all sense. Thanks for the trouble you took to capture these trees Archana. They have their own kind of charm! 🙂

  5. @Anjana– I couldnt go close enough to confirm if this is one twin-trunk tree or two planted close by. Either way, as you rightly say, they have their own kind of charm! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I think they look good together. Also along side the road, this picture is so real. I feel like I must have crossed them some day. A deja vu.
    Good one Archana! Happy you joined.

  7. I love this tree too and to have a pair of twins is indeed double the joy! You've still managed a good enough image without much traffic to ruin it. I too have had a Baobab shot on Thursday Tree Love before

  8. @Unishta Thank you so much. Yes, I have seen your Baobab on ThursdayTreeLove! Amazing trees!

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