F for Fitbit

We are with the 2018 April AtoZ Blogging challenge and its my fifth attempt. For those who missed it, here is the link to my Theme Reveal post. Do the alphabets still stand for the same things we learnt about in Nursery school? 

Its day six and the alphabet is F.

Well, I had learnt that F is for Fan but currently for me, F stands for Fitbit! And its great Fun!

That’s right… The activity tracking, bluetooth enabled device that counts footsteps, heart rate, sleep pattern etc. 

My first one was actually a hand-me-down when our daughter changed the Fitbit she used. Seeing how much I enjoyed the device, dear daughter and son-in-law gifted me brand new one for my birthday! 


Hence, I have taken up the #2019in2018 challenge that I had read about on Twitter. What is it? Quite simply it entails having to stroll/walk/run/sprint 2019 kms in the year 2018. Sounds intimidating right? Actually its not considering it is spread over 364 days and 52 weeks. Simple Math breaks it down to a very doable daily or weekly target. I can happily I can report that I am on track as of now.
Wish me luck folks! 

Even at the risk of sounding like an advertisement for wearable health trackers (and there are several brands in varying price ranges), I can confidently say, that I totally enjoy my Fitbit. I am quite addicted to analyzing my sleep pattern, heart rate, activity patterns. If I end up sitting continuously I get a gentle tapping on my wrist to remind to walk around to complete my 250 steps per hour. That will hopefully reduce the sedentary phases during my day.

Of course, it is possible to customise weekly goals and alerts so one just has to figure all the options on the app. It even puts up fun messages when a goal is achieved Yay!!!

Aaannnd… my activity tracking wrist band also shows the date and time! 

Since I began with F for Fan.. I will not disappoint you…  
Here is an exotic folded paper fan that adorns my home…

Fan, summer, wall decor

We are almost at the end of the first week of AtoZ. How are you holding up folks? A holiday is coming up and I plan to use it to catch up on blog hopping. 

10 Replies to “F for Fitbit”

  1. Good for you, doing the 2019 in 2018 challenge!, and what a perfect choice for "F".
    Wish I'd heard of the Fitbit Challenge earlier, I'd be hard pressed to catch up. Maybe next year!
    I've been enjoying you A to Z challenge, well done!

  2. One day I will break down and buy a Fitbit. I have a knock-off that I'm pretty happy with, but it definitely lacks in some areas.

  3. I had a Fitbit for MANY years (several different models). Finance forced me into a cheap Fitbit-like model for my latest purchase. It's ok but it's not as good as my Fitbits were (in spite of the fact that they all seemed to break JUUUUST after the warranty expired). Hoping you have good luck with yours and enjoy that challenge!

  4. Good for you…I find I use the sleep tracker and the time more than steps, at least right now. LOL!

    Donna B. McNicol|Author and Traveler
    A to Z Flash Fiction Stories|A to Z of Goldendoodles

  5. @Heather I am not sure I would have purchased it for myself.. but now that it has been gifted to me , I am a big fan! Thanks for stopping by!!

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