The Hidden Life Of Trees

As you may have noticed, its not often that I have posted book reviews. Today I am compelled to write about an amazing book that has accidentally come my way. Accidentally because it was spotted at our library by my husband who immediately brought it home for me! And I have been glued to it since…

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The Hidden Life Of Trees by Peter Wohelleben is a book for all tree lovers. The author is a forester from Germany and naturally he mostly describes trees in Germany and Europe. Beech. Pine. Birch. Ash and so on…Tropical trees barely find a mention yet I am sure, the ‘behaviours’ that he has described is quite likely apply to trees in my part of the world too. 

Do trees have emotions? How do trees know when to break out into bud? How do trees defend themselves from pests or infections? Do trees talk to each other? What about competition among forest trees? Who wins and why? Who loses and why? Do trees have a ‘brain’ and where is it? Did you know that forests have a ‘wood wide web’ which is a network of  fungi in the soil and this network is vital for survival of plants? 

These are just a few of the questions on any nature lover’s mind and the author has answers in very simple, easy-to-understand, non-botanical terms. His eloquent words took me on a walk in the German forests as I could visualise the towering tree canopies, the dense dark under story…. Every chapter gives an amazing insight into the apparently silent life there.

Somewhere over the years, trees have never been thought of as intelligent thinking beings. “The Hidden Life Of Trees” puts an end to such ideas. And there is scientific research cited at the end of the book to prove it! 

Our lives are closely interwoven with those of the flora and fauna. We need to understand and protect those if humans have to survive on earth. this book is a step in that direction. 

Take care folks!

The Hidden Life Of Trees by Peter Wohlleben
Publisher Penguin Random House India

4 Replies to “The Hidden Life Of Trees”

  1. I remember doing a project on trees when I was in primary school. I still love trees and as I live in Germany, I could probably see what the author is describing. Thanks for the lovely review.

  2. I guess you may have visited the amazing forests described in the book! You will really enjoy reading it!!

  3. The last time I went bonkers over a tree was when I was reading Orhan Pamuk's ' Museum of Innocence'. In a few places he talks of Linden trees…and I blogged. But not about the tree but the song taught in the convent when I was a kid. ' Under the old Linden tree'. That was the song. Has a very cheery chorus this song about fun under the linden tree.
    I have an itch. Know the name itch I call it. I have to know the name of the tree that has caught my fancy. This itch makes me also a collector of book on trees.
    Glad to read your review. Now this would be my next.
    Wish I can see feel and touch to know how the various attributes of the tree mentioned in the book. I have seen some in movies…but in reality I would want to know more. Birch is a tree that bends easily…but does not break…
    Thank you not only for the review but also for stopping by at my post and gracing the page with your valuable comment.
    It feels wonderful to imagine oneself among trees in an amazing forest…

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Shivani. You will enjoy this book. Do read it, in fact, I ended up purchasing it after I returned the library copy! Now that you mention it, I do remember "Únder the old Linden tree" , I wonder how i could have forgotten it…

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