Honouring Our Soldiers

It was quite a while ago, that I began a post about streets in my city named after women. That was inspired by a BBC article “Are our street names sexist?” 

This idea sort of germinated into yet another one namely, finding out how many streets in my city and outside of its Cantonment are named after soldiers… Outside the Cantonment is the key as that is the area where most roads are named after soldiers…

Thus began my search and for now my list has only five names… I know there will be many more and this list will be updated as and when I learn about them. So those of you who do come across such street names do let me know…

The list is in no specific order… 
Here goes:

1. Flying Officer Sudhir Pawar Path
2. Shaheed Colonel Prasanna Gore Path – in Sahakar Nagar
3. Capt Vishwasrao Himmatbahaddur Chavan Path – in Navi Peth
4. Sqn Ldr Sureshchandra Bhagwat Path – in Model Colony
5. Kai Col Suryakant Pandit Path – in Model Colony

6. Second Lieutenant Shrikant Rege Path – in Model Colony
7. Subhedar Namdev Jadhav Path – Ashok Nagar 

Waiting to hear from you all!
Take care!

2 Replies to “Honouring Our Soldiers”

  1. Interesting how streets are named. One of the big developers in this area named streets after Civil War battle sites. I live in a sub called Potomac Village. The street I live on is called Culpepper, a misspelling of the Culpeper Battle in 1863.

  2. I have always wondered the basis for choosing street names. Here its mostly freedom fighters or political or social figures… Thanks Denise!

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