Unanswered by Kunal Narayan Uniyal

I read, a lot, both online and the old fashioned paper books. I buy a few but I source most of my books from a library. What I don’t do is review books. The reason is simple, some one has given all they have and more to create something (possibly unique) and I dont think I am best qualified to comment on it. However, I do comment whether I like the book or not, do I recommend it or not and so on… 

Recently, I happened to read an e-version of a book called Unanswered by Capt Kunal Narayan Uniyal, which was sent to me by Novemberschild @romspeaks . The Publisher is Samaya Sakshaya

What sparked my interest was the name… Unanswered. Would it be a Mystery/Thriller/Romance?? Nothing had prepared me for what I eventually read… an intensely philosophical book. It is the author’s spiritual journey put forth in a combination of text and prose. It is the result of extensive introspection and reading of ancient texts. If you are looking for light reading, then this is not for you. 

Capt Uniyal discusses various concepts like Immortality, Morality, Ego, Pain and Suffering, Death, Religion. He has also put forth his thoughts in the form of poems. An unusual and effective style that brings forth his thoughts and ideology as the author has mastery over both prose and poetry. The chapter the got me totally interested was the one dealing with What are prayers and Why do we pray?  Yet another very interesting chapter is ‘The Chosen One’ where Capt Uniyal writes about people who have walked a different path. He concludes this segment with, “…  Know that you are the chosen one; know that you are different; know that you can bring new hope and make a difference to mankind. You are an individual soul, climbing the stairs of evolution, faster and higher than your counterparts. Alone walks the chosen one, who dares to think. But he is surefooted and knows, without looking back, that someday the trail carved by him will be walked upon !…” 


‘Unanswered’ is highly recommended for anyone who thinks beyond the mundane existence and is reluctant to read the accepted ‘texts’ for answers to questions that would obviously arise from the said thinking. This book will be the first stage that will prepare the thinker/reader for an in-depth journey into the search for peace, tranquility, truth and maya.  

A word of advice, do not rush through the book, instead read it one chapter at a time. Think, introspect about what the author has to say and reread the chapter if required. Only then move on. 

Stay Happy everyone

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  1. Amazing ans such indepth review of the book. My words finding perfect voice to reach out to people in the form it was meant to be. Thank you

  2. I hate book reviews. I don't think anyone can know what an author was thinking. When I was in college, I wrote a poem and asked someone to tell me what I was writing about. They said the poem was obviously suicidal. I told them I was writing about my thoughts when I was younger and thinking of entering a convent. 'Nuf said.

  3. Dear Denise you are right by saying that you can never know hat a poet is thinking and no one can contemplate his thought process. But isn't that the whole purpose of poetry to open it to various interpretations and get people to judge poetry from his own perspective irrespective of novel where a writer weaves the web to tangle people in his own ways and wits. Creation for a writer is definitely his baby and that surely will have no flaws until some other points it out to him/ her. That will not only help him in his future en devours but will help him in growing as a writer and person as well. I love being criticized for my work so long it is unbiased and positive since my progress is catalyzed by it.
    "Great critics make great poets"

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