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  1. Thank you for stopping by at my blog and gracing my empty comment page with ur valuable kind words. Thank you also for the nomination. Will it upset you if I told you I am not qualified as per the conditions to pick up the award. In order to remain sincere I have a very short list of those whom I follow. I don't have 15 bloggers in my list. Tell you the truth I don't adhere to you scratch my back I will scratch your back policy. Am a maverick of sorts. When I feel strongly about something I blog…don't even care whose following me or how many comments I get. It's the saying part…the typing the words that gives me happiness and comments like yours are added bonus. Added joy. Hope you won't dub it as arrogance. Have been nominated earlier but have not picked up those awards too. The reason you see one on my page is because it was my very first…which came to me the very first year when I started blogging….and I am a bit sentimental about that. Rest I just let it pass precisely because of the same reason. Pls pls forgive me if it upsets you Archana but that was not my intention. Wanted to thank you and express how honoured I feel that you considered me worthwhile.
    The pic is beautiful and now I will have to google and find out what a Sag tree is.
    Love…keep posting all the good pics…and do keep visiting me.

  2. Shivani, its absolutely your choice and there is nothing for me to be upset about. I will still enjoy reading your blog so keep posting!! 🙂
    Sag is Tectona grandis of the Verbenaceae – a tree that's fairly common in our city and in areas around it.

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