Down but not out!

The Savitribai Phule Pune University (erstwhile University of Pune, popularly called only University) is home to a really really old Gorakh Chincha or Boabab (Adansonia digitata). It grows in the rear lawns and has some really massive infestation (probably white ants) that has created a huge hole in its main trunk. It was impressive despite this cavity and flowered quite freely.

Here is an image captured quite a while ago.

Pune trees, University, Gorakh chincha

As you can see the tree has bent down considerably as it is weakened on one side due to the infestation. However incessant heavy rain in the monsoon of 2014 caused it to bend down and collapse completely. Here is picture of a newspaper report about the same.

Pune trees
Report in a Pune daily about the fallen tree

I was quite saddened but really there is not much one can do at an individual level. (Does that sound like an excuse?) Anyway… I happened to visit the University recently and to my utter joy, the tree is still alive. I saw healthy shoots and sprouts at many branches though the tree is horizontal.

Pune trees, Boabab,
The Boabab has fresh new shoots!

There is always hope! 

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