The Best of Ruskin Bond

An un-put-downable book after a long time…

I happened to get hold of “The Best of Ruskin Bond” an anthology of his prose and poetry and was totally enthralled  by his work. The stories are autobiographical and describe his childhood, the various personalities that have influenced his life. His love of nature and trees comes through palpably specifically in “Bird Life in the City” and “In the Garden of My Dreams.”

“At Home in India” is something that each one of us should read and share especially if anyone has any difficulty in articulating their patriotism.

The travel writings immediately transported me to Mandakini valley as I almost felt myself seeing the Alkananda and the Ganga. This book has put Dehra Doon on the top of my travel list!! An awesome inspiration for a person wanting to write about my travels…

I do not know the
technical definition of a ‘short’ story but these are about 5/6 pages
long and they commanded my attention like no other in the recent past.

There are several sentences that have stayed with me long after I put away the book. Here are a  couple from “The Kitemaker” but every story is a treasure by itself. 

“Now everyone hurried, in a heat of hope, and delicate things like kites and daydreams were trampled underfoot.”

“There is a great affinity between trees and men. We grow at much the
same pace, if we are not hurt or starved or cut down. In our youth we
are resplendent creatures, and in our declining years we stoop a little,
we remember, we stretch our brittle limbs in the sun, and then, with a
sigh we shed our last leaves.”

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Image taken from Peguin India

Go grab the book and read!

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  1. Sounds fascinating! Wish I had more time to read, but there's about 2 dozen books still waiting. ☺

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