Jealousy will take us no where

When exercising in a gym or in a group its quite likely to meet people
who can do more reps, lift heavier weights, or are more flexible. They can
be a source of inspiration or envy. The first is good to some extent as
it can get us to work harder and raise the level of our effort. However
jealousy will eventually be detrimental. It may cause us to attempt
exercises we cannot do and lead to injuries and loss of self esteem.

I have
encountered some men in their thirty’s who have hurt their shoulder
joints in trying to better some Bench-press.  Ligaments have been damaged
n backaches precipitated by doing unnecessarily strenuous  Squats or

Some of these have meant surgery, a long post-op rehabilitation program and loss of self pride, thinning of the wallet. 


Envy, jealousy

Bottom line: never compare yourself with others. Each of us has
unique capabilities and limits. Know your own and challenge yourself
within those. Jealousy is certainly not among the helpful emotions when exercising for fitness. 


Disclaimer: All
suggestions are general in nature. Readers are advised to exercise
caution before implementing them and seek expert advise about what is
suitable for their specific needs. 

The above image has been taken from Microsoft Clipart Gallery.

4 Replies to “Jealousy will take us no where”

  1. So true although I do take an interest in what the masses are up to. I've been there with the hurt muscles and torn ligaments pushing myself that little bit more. Happy A – Z blogging for the rest of the month 🙂

  2. I have no interest in comparing myself to others in regards to exercise. I just do what I can do and am happy with that!
    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge!

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