Vanilla is a popular flavour especially in ice cream or Milk shakes and smoothies. Yet somehow I just cannot get myself to enjoy anything with flavoured with vanilla except cakes.
The reason goes back a long time to my childhood. For one particular year and I cant really remember which one it was, I had to drink milk with raw egg and it was liberally laced with vanilla to mask the smell of the egg. I hated it but did manage to gulp it down not daily not really knowing how much effect the drink had on my health. What it did do was permanently make me hate vanilla.
Now several decades later, I still cannot drink nor enjoy any vanilla flavoured liquid.
Many of us develop such unreasonable dislikes because of something or some event in our childhood. They tend to last a lifetime.
My aversion to vanilla has not really stopped me from enjoying food and beverages so I did not ever try to get over it. May be I should have. May be I still can. But at this stage I dont even want to…

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  1. Childhood smells seem to last your whole life long. Be strong. I used to hate the smell of brussel sprouts, but I love them now.

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