Simple Joys

All our daily efforts are almost always only geared for one thing and one thing only.. getting joy out of life. Being at peace with our inner selves and people around us. We get trapped in the rat race in our search for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

In this process we often forget to enjoy simple things in our lives. They lighten the daily drudgery and ensure we don’t forget how to smile. Can you immediately recall a few such simple joys…

Here is my list:
Encountering consecutive green traffic lights in the morning rush hour
Finding a Rs100 bill forgotten in the pocket of a coat from the last winter
Eliciting a smile from a beautiful stranger in a the train

At all times, sighting a pair of mynahs always lifts my spirits as I vaguely recollect something from my childhood ” … Two for Joy…”

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Two for Joy

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