Art to Treasure

In this era of soaring prices, inflation and what have you, one is always looking for new avenues to invest. Avenues that will not be subject to such pressures. Gold, precious stones do not appeal to all or cannot be worn/displayed at will.

However there one more option to consider is paintings. While masterpieces by well known painters may cause you to empty your bank balance, its a good idea to invest in works of other good artists. Hang up the painting in your drawing room/study and become the ‘neighbour’s envy!!

In Pune, a selection of artist Preetima Pande’s paintings is being exhibited at Malaka Spice at Koregaon Park. (This is the link to a report in Pune Mirror:

Hurry, the display is on up to 31 January 2011.
This is a not-to-miss opportunity to acquire some excellent art.

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