Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Part 1

Am I the right person to write about Harry Potter?
I have read all the books as avidly as any other tween right from about 2001 when we first encountered this bespectacled wizard in far away Chabua. This boy hero endeared himself to readers across India and was variously called Hari Puttar, Hari Pitre etc as the book was translated into local languages I am told, self included.

The shock of losing Sirius Black or the death of Dumbledore among other events in previous books was an intense piece of writing hence I was keen to see how such written imagery is actually brought to life on screen. It could be that I am biased but the written work generates profound emotions and images that can hold the reader spell bound and gets him/her back for more.

Ask any Potter fan about the number of times they have re-read any particular book. The answer is quite likely to be in mid single digits!! So to answer the first question, yes I have read the entire series and watched movies till date so surely qualify to write…

The recently released movie is part one of the final book. After a long long time I went to the theatre on the first day. I was a bit apprehensive thinking I would be sorely out of place amongst a roomful of kids but was pleasantly surprised to find that I was not the only baby boomer there. And the others were not escorting their young ‘uns either. In fact there were hardly any school goers at all, most being in their early twenties. There was not much fan fare (Friday fever) that is the norm these days at a movie launch. The tickets were not exorbitant either which made the time out easier on the pocket.
The movie does justice to the book, the cast keeps up with the demands of the characters and keeps the audience engaged throughout.
Would I see the movie again – probably not but would I read the book again- yes certainly!

Here are some links to reports of the movie. Use them as a guide but if you are afflicted by Pottermania then you will watch the movie any way…




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