Silly Mistakes

Movies- we love them, hate them yet many find their way into our ‘must see’ list for each week or month. Often we depend on reviews to help decide if its worth spending over Rs 1500 for an evening doing something we don’t really enjoy…
Then begins the tearing apart. Actually we need not even bother to go to a theatre. Many of us can do so based on TV trailers, Web-based previews etc etc.
Such ‘tear downs’ are usually about acting, direction, editing and so on.

Do we ever pay attention to small things in the background of scenes in these movies?
Most likely not.

For those looking for more topics to criticise a movie watch a programme called ‘Silly Mistakes’ on Saam TV aired on Fridays at 5PM and 10PM (as of today). Saam is a relatively new Marathi channel.

The host is a chirpy youngster who systematically points out faults in ‘continuity’ of the movie- even huge Hollywood blockbusters have not escaped his minute scrutiny. For those who can’t catch on, he helpfully puts out arrows and circles to the ‘faults’!
So watch out for ‘action’ stunts wherein cars suddenly roar past with intact glasses being undoubtedly shattered in a previous shot.

When fed up of the usual soaps, surf across to Saam and have a good laugh.

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