With my defence background, I think ‘target’ obviously must refer to something hostile that has to be got rid of. Or from my childhood it probably was the dart board where the aim (target) was to hit the center.

Now the corporate world has given the word ‘target’ a totally new meaning. Obviously every business activity has to have a goal so why not the word target? So we have targets for revenue, sales which seems perfectly justified.

Interestingly I found that HR personnel also have ‘targets’. They are to ensure sufficient number of ‘quality’ personnel are recruited (Click here to read one such ad). What is worse is that companies often want people with only a couple of years experience for this job, I know some that use fresh graduates for this purpose… Once into the company the ‘target’ becomes a resource but still remains a ‘target’ for potential head hunters…

Click here to read a Times of India article about how prized IIM recruits are ditching PSUs for higher pays elsewhere.

The by now ubiquitous vans lurking to heave off our vehicles from ‘No Parking’ zones also have ‘targets’ (also seen in the new HDFC bank ad meant to show that their ATMs give fast cash withdrawal) That will explain why a vehicle from an approved parking zone may be towed or carried away – just so the contractor (yes- this service is often out sourced) can meet his target of collecting sufficient number of wrongly parked vehicles every day!!

So does that mean home makers too now set targets on themselves? They do set ‘targets’ for their children (marks to be scored, prizes to be won) or husband (better pay, ‘phoren’ holiday for the family) so why not for themselves.
What may they be?Any ideas?

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