Top of the World!

Recently we visited Dubai. The first question most people who came to know of our travel plans was “Why Dubai” our answer “Why not?”
Its a perfectly good place that sought tourists (no one can ignore full page ads of the Dubai Shopping Festival each year), not to mention various TV channels that described the Burj Al Arab or the Palm Jumeirah that I wanted to see it for real.
To take advantage of early bird pricing, we booked well in advance and then began the wonderful pre-holiday period where one just dreams of what one will do, eat, see, feel, smell, sense and spend!!!

This rosy setting was shattered ‘cos soon after our booking the world looked askance as the Dubai financial world faced another huge crisis in November 2009! That set off another round of Q&A for us- are you sure you want to go etc etc.

Undeterred we went ahead with our plan and had a wonderful holiday, that was everything that we had wanted it to be and more. The weather was excellent, people helpful, malls wonderful with HUGE discounts (no one will complain when seeing 75% off in major global designer brands). The city is truly an engineering marvel as the authorities have not only built up a comfortable habitat amidst the desert but also constructed various superlative structures in the world. All this has to be seen and appreciated. The best time to visit is of course the Dubai shopping festival when you get excellent deals on various airlines and the city is fully geared to receive tourists. So if you have missed it this year, put it down in your diary for 2011 now itself.
MY tip: Don’t shop till you drop spare some energy to go out and enjoy the sights!

We returned totally happy, refreshed and had still not gotten over our holiday mood when we read the news that the Burj Khalifa was shut for visitors! We were lucky to have been to the Top and having visited, this seemed a real sad news. Hope the problems are resolved soon and many more can go up and enjoy the unbeatable view of Dubai.

Here are a few photos of the breathtaking view from the Top!

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