The Head Turner

I was firmly convinced that a pair of wheels was not something that would get people (mostly males) drooling and go into raptures about transmission, ergonomics, frame design etc. Many men and women are known to swoon and covet motorised two/three/four or more wheeled vehicles but a two wheeler that is powered purely by raw muscle power to my jaded eyes seemed a bit too low on the hierarchy of transportation means to elicit such reactions.

But that’s precisely what is happening! Before much ado let me clarify that I refer to the humble bicycle. Society in general has branded it as a poor man’s vehicle something that a student will eagerly discard in favour of a motorised version. As time goes by the number of wheels increases along with the horsepower to propel them.

Looking for an alternative exercise I was cajoled into trying out a cycle. For a lark I went ahead and surprise surprise I am enjoying bit. After the initial phase of muscle burn and DOMS I enjoyed the wind in my face, the speed and the taste of unbriddled freedom. We usually cycle out in the early hours when roads are infested with exercise fanatics- either walking, jogging, or on their way to the gym.

I noticed a strange phenomenon. As we cycle past, people actually stop to look at our vehicles. This includes those in ‘superior’ wheels, the youth and baby boomers. Initially I assumed it to be another version of eve teasing but realised soon enough that it was my cycle that was drawing attention not me! Just to confirm I sent out a PYT (pretty young thing) on my cycle and got same results.

This is Economic Times article describes the launch of a cycle that costs Rs 2.4 lakhs at the 2009 Auto Expo in New Delhi. That’s one baby that will surely draw plenty of wolf whistles.

Bottom line: If you are looking for an alternative to your cardio workouts, try cycling. Combined with the bike’s head turning potential you will not only burn calories but your morale will get a good boost too!

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