We watched Natrang- purely because of its music. Heavy promos on TV had us made us total fans of the songs presented in this movie. whose music directors are Ajay-Atul. And we were not disappointed by the movie or the music.

Natrang is the story of an farm labourer (Guna) who has a creative bent of mind. He loves to write poetry, act, sing to the extent of ignoring the well being of his family. Atul Kulkarni has depicted this character wonderfully. He had to put on weight and then loose 20 kgs in order to portray his character. Read about it here. When the landlord installs a pump to draw water from his wells, Guna is out of work and they all face starvation. He is an ardent fan of ‘tamasha’ – a form of folk dance in Maharashtra. Along with his friends he decides to set up a tamasha troupe. That’s when the story takes off. Overcoming all odds the tamasha troupe is ready but for one thing- the lead dancer wants to include a ‘nacha’- a transvestite who was usually a part of such programs. When they are unable to find one Guna decides to play this part.

Thats when the story really begins.
I won’t spoil your enjoyment by sharing what happens thereafter suffice to say Guna achieves his dream of a successful ‘tamasha’ troupe. At a huge price.

Natrang is a story of dreams, losing them but still achieving them at all costs. It also depicts lives of tamasha artists particularly the ‘nacha’. They are ostracised by their society, abandoned by their family, cannot have conventional families and are often the target of various crimes. Atul Kulkarni’s depiction of all these stages in Guna’s life are tremendous.

The movie is based on a book by Dr Anand Yadav. Phulwa’s choreography, Sonalee’s dancing, costumes, the director’s attention to detail makes it a touching and memorable film.

I left the theatre with a sad feeling. I recommend you watch it. At a theater closest to you!

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