Silicone Heaven

Being Christmas Day, I decided to investigate some stores that stocked baking items hoping to pick up some things that usually are hard to find or not available in Pune. I had some luck in that department but came across something different… Silicone
Silicone baking ware.
Yes apparently the stuff can be used to bake our cakes, muffins and so on in the oven and microwave.

Here is what I saw: the pans, tins, trays were completely flexible and were kept folded up on the shelf. That seemed to be a huge plus considering the space challenges in our kitchens. I came across this article on Kitchen Butterfly that gives you an in depth idea of what this stuff is, its pros and cons. There are several accompanying pictures so worth reading if you do plan to acquire these new age baking tins. Spatulas, pastry brushes made of silicone were also available. Cost wise the silicone bake ware was modestly costlier than the conventional stuff.

I still need to find out if using silicone to cook will harm our health in any way. And the environment. Once I get answers to these two questions, I may go in for these easy to clean, easy to store silicone bake ware.
Happy Christmas!

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