Where Love Has Gone?

I read in the papers that 19 November was celebrated as International Men’s Day but from some reports suggest this seems to have been marked more as the International Husband’s Day. Read this news from the Hindustan Times.

Whoa there.. I was under the impression that it was us the weaker (and fairer) sex that was the one that were subjected to atrocities, dowry harassment and more. Countless zealous women’s welfare organisations must have obviously worked zealously for us to have reached this state. Is this really the state of affairs? Has the equation changed?

I read about an organisation called Purush Suraksha Sanstha in Maharashtra. There were many more and affected groups actually converged together to fight for their rights. Read this news. There are reports that like women, some husbands (and quite a frightening number that) committed suicide due to harassment. Bangalore based Save Indian Family Foundation has taken up this cause.

Times certainly are changing. It took quite some time for us to accept that men could actually turn tormentors to their wives but never ever did I imagine things going to this extent.
Divorce rates are increasing alarmingly as well.
Where are we heading?
Think about it.

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