Every drop counts

The infrastructure crisis in Pune city continues. Roads, electricity and water take turns in testing patience of Punekars.

Water currently is the chart topper with monsoons playing truant. Though the Met office says June 2009 rainfall met average levels, dams that supply water to the city are drying up and fast. Currently we face a 40% water cut with supply on alternate days.
Through the year the Khadakvasla and Panshet dams that supply water to Pune serve as picnic spots substituting for Mumbai’schowpaty‘ (beach). The amount of rainfall in the Khadakvasla and Panshet dams is closely reported in Pune dailies.
More constructive action on part of citizens is required.
Saving water in all possible means is of utmost importance at all times.
Install rain water harvesting systems in existing buildings. While the cost may seem high, it would be shared by several people and returns over time would make this investment worthwhile.
Washing machines consume a large quantity of water. Change to manual washing and use the machine only to spin dry the clothes. Else use the ‘economy’ mode available on the machine.
Click here for some tips on saving water at home.
Click here for the latest satellite image of the country to get an idea of upcoming rainfall.
We are paying the price for carelessness and irresponsibility that we resorted to through the years. Simply praying to rain gods or blaming the system now will not count. All round and year round efforts are required at times with some personal discomfort.
Every effort counts to make each drop of water go a longer way.
Do it. Now.
There is no time to lose.

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