The Son Rise

While political analysts may have felt slightly deprived at the speed with which our new government was formed- they had a field day in speculating and counter speculating strategies, names and potential situations if the Congress ‘allies’ had decided to support the government from outside.

The dust has finally settled. With the second round of  swearing in India can now get back to business. 
While the exclusion of Rahul Gandhi in the cabinet did raise some questions, the Cabinet is well sprinkled with scions of political families. Sons, daughters and all manner of relatives that were political heirs have come into their own and landed ministerial appointments. 
In a country with a huge youth population, there are high hopes from the young ministers. They need to set the bar high and work towards it despite political, social or other pressures. This article talks of performance being the criteria. 
Many have questioned if we are a dynastic society. Does a constituency vote blindly for the progeny of the previous popular leader? Is pedigree all that matters? What about performance by the next gen?
Results across India would suggest as much which will explain why every such politician makes an extra effort to ‘nurse’ that region towards more growth. 
A sociologist would give us a better perspective on this. In the meantime,
the son has risen
there is hope on the horizon
a new day
a new beginning
time to start afresh…
Jai Hind!

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