For couch potatoes and others

All of us do devote some time each day in front of the TV be it for the ‘K’ serials or news or other entertainment/knowledge programs.

These are some of my favourites. Do pause a moment if you come across them while surfing and judge for yourself:
No Reservations by  Anthony Bourdain and 
Samantha  Brown’s Passport to Europe, Great Weekends etc. Both these are aired on Discovery Travel and Living and worth every minute not only for the places they describe but also for the wit and expertise with which the hosts take us along in their journey.
Newsnet 2.0 on NDTV Profit hosted by Rajiv Makhni. A hilarious collection of videos that is sure to send your stress packing! 
Hard Talk on BBC World. Certainly not a new program but its new avtaar in no way takes away from some hard hitting Q and A session.
All About Ads on NDTV profit. An informative program even for those not into an advertising career.  CNBC TV 18 airs a similar program called Story Board but to my mind AAA takes the cake.
For those inclined to experimenting in the kitchen: Nigella Lawson’s series  on Travel and Living (Nigella Feasts or Nigella Express) is unbeatable. The recipes turn out just as they are supposed to be- yummy! 
The list can go on but then it would hardly leave time for your own selection. 
Go on! Yenjoy!

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  1. Hi Archana

    I bumped onto your blog from Author’s Club. A hi to you. I have lived in Pune for almost 5 years as well!, now based in Bangalore

    Unfortunately I dont have a no idea what those serials are all about 🙂

    Keep writing



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