Enough is enough

Nobody doubts that cleanliness in public areas in most Indian cities leaves much to be desired. Lets leave swanky south Mumbai or Lutyen’s Delhi out of this..

So while we spend hours cleaning our homes its all promptly dumped outside.
Now it seems the world has taken note of our habbits and joined the fray.

This news from Economic Times dated 08 Sep 2008 should serve as an eye opener. Of course UK councils have all the right to make their environs clean and green and in a cost effective way. But does it justify shipping their garbage to be dumped on Indian soil? And what are our local authorities doing in letting the muck accumulate here?

Sunita Narayan and her cronies should surely be raising a ‘stink’ on this issue but I have not yet heard anything.

Have we become so immune and thick skinned that hygiene matters so little? Has the perennial rat race for money and better living dulled our sensibilities of our earth?

We must change. Recycle, reuse is all fine but please do it sensibly. Remember the world is watching. We have only ourselves to blame if more such waste lands on our shores.

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