Indulge Yourself!

On one of my usual retail jaunts around the city, I discovered ‘The Body Shop‘. I had seen the stores in London but the little digits printed on the labels put me off! Multiplying by 83 at lightning speeds and trying to look unconcerned can be extremely trying, so I just gave up.
But not for long!
I discovered their shop at the SGS Mall, Pune and decided that they deserved a visit from me. Armed with my reading glasses and my credit card I happily left my shopping bags with the security guard and took a close look at what was on offer.
And what an extensive range it was… skin care, eye, make-up, eye, bath and body, fragrance and hair range ‘pour hommes et femmes’.
Phew, just the ‘Try me’ samples were enough to drain me out and leave me completely confused as to what to choose. Products containing the familiar Vitamin C, E, Almonds, Jojoba, honey and oats and unfamiliar seaweed, blue corn, tree tea oil all had me wondering which would be the winner to restore my skin to its youthful glory…
But choose I did, and a few days of use had me completely sold out!
I heavily recommend their repair products. Chapped lips, cracked heels all disappear like magic leaving you feeling pampered, indulged and like a Queen….
Does that sound exaggerated? The Body Shop website says, “We believe that every woman has the right to feel fabulous, so we put our all into finding the highest quality natural ingredients, ethically and responsibly grown and bought, and turning them into innovative products, honestly marketed, and priced so that everyone can afford them.”
Don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.
Give it a try, you owe it to yourself!

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