Small is Beautiful

The Friends of Bonsai-Pune recently exhibited their treasures in Pune. Lovingly nurtured at home by a group of 40 enthusiasts there were over 100 trees displayed here. Some had won international accolades, in recognition of the hard work and creativity put into the trees.

If one looked carefully it was possible to see different styles of Bonsai besides Saikei and murals. The thoughtful layout gave sufficient space for the true beauty of each design to shine through.

The hosts readily answered queries of those interested. The group mainly comprises of home makers – ladies who find time for this hobby despite all commitments that demands patience and creativity. Senior and experienced members as well as newbie bonsai cultivators showcased their trees.

The range of trees on display ranged from fruiting trees (Mango, chikoo, orange and lemon) to flowers like Kamini, Jacquinia, Bougainvilla, Hawthorne and Kunti. Grapes that grow on vines had been cultivated into a beautiful bonsai. Akelifa that is often grown as a hedge in Pune was grown into an attractive style. Several Wrightia exhibits had pretty tiny star shaped flowers. This plant is not easily available at nurseries. Also displayed were Mame bonsai and some with root exposed designs (last photo in the series above). Some trees were over 40 years old, which emphasised the amount of love and care going into nurturing them over the years.
A striking feature of the exhibition was that the group was not interested in money making. Nothing was for sale, a fact which surprised most visitors used as they are to exhibition cum sales that are dime a dozen in Pune.
Those who missed this year, do make it a point to watch out for their next display.
Stress has become an unavoidable part of our lives. This hobby allows us to be close to plants, develops patience and is a wonder de-stressor. As we lose so many trees to so called ‘development Bonsai offers a means to preserve a link to our past our memories of a city fast losing its green cover or to childhood memories of tree climbing, swings etc. Plant a tree today, nurture it.
Discover a new friend.

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