Use your power

The world is talking of the awakening elephant. Yet Indians themselves are pessimistic and almost fatalistic about things going from bad to worse. Look around and what do we see? Vocal and violent protests about outsiders in Maharashtra, caste based reservations in educational institutions etc. The main instigators are politicians and they succeed because we let them do so. We get what we deserve.
Once a politician is elected he is not interested in the people of his constituency till the next election. That is the time to make an unbiased assessment and ask tough questions to them and ourselves. Does he/she deserve your vote? Merely saying that things will not change and not voting actually adds to the problem as thousands of thinking and intelligent votes are lost out. So make it a point to vote- it is your weapon of change. It is one that still holds some power to elicit change. Get people around you to do so as well, make them think and choose correctly.
Of course things will not change in one election but it will surely send a message to the contestants that the time to take the electorate for granted is over. Money or muscle power cannot buy votes.
Again I come back to the same theme that it is for us citizens to sift through political diatribe and get on with work. If India has to progress economically and make a mark on world stage, this has to be put behind us. We have several grassroots and infrastructure issues that need to be handled urgently. Farmers are dying, basic healthcare is pathetic and village schools do not have teachers or buildings. We still hear of dowry deaths and female infanticide. Clean drinking water is a problem in many areas. Corruption is rampant.
Of course we will face difficulties in overcoming them. It needs perseverance and patience and determination. Do we have it in us? Are we only capable of talking and not of acting?
Make a difference. Use the power given by our constitution.

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