Try something different this Gudi Padava

Gudi Padava is also celebrated as Bihu in Assam, a state where we have spent over 4 years. The Rangoli Bihu celebrated at this time of the year is dedicated to spring. While people take pride in visiting foreign locales not many are keen or dare to visit the states called ‘seven sisters’. Extensively endowed with natural beauty, the states have much to offer the intrepid traveller.
Food wise too their preparations are quite different from rest of India. Songs by Bhupen Hazarika wonderfully echo the state’s music.

Here is a recipe of Til Pitha a sweet pancake made of sesame and rice and jaggery.
(Taken from Maharashtra Herald 06 April 2008)

Try it this year and get a taste of Assam. The one we had was made from black sesame though this recipe does not specifically mention so.

Bora Saul (glutinous rice): 1kg
Til (sesame) : 1/2 kg
Jaggery: 1/2 kg
Soak rice overnight. Drain water in the morning and grind to fine paste. Roast Til on a griddle till crisp. Grate jaggery and mix with some water till thick. Mix the Til with the jaggery syrup.
Heat griddle. Place big tablespoon of rice paste and spread into pancake. Place the jaggery mixture in the centre. Slowly roll from one end and cook for a minute more.
Serve with tea.


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  1. Nice blog, I liked your introductory note.. I will definitely try this recipe!
    I hope you have also signed in with SPTM along with your husband!

  2. Thanks!
    Yes wrote one post yesterday. Have a couple of ideas in mind. Shall put them down soon.


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