Its Spring

Don’t click away seeing a new pink and blue colour combination. With makeovers being ‘hot’ decided to try one out here too!
Spring is in the air. For us in Pune, heat has already set in but my plants are enjoying the weather with a surge of new shoots. Jacaranda is in its full purple glory. In Assam, I remember the ‘Seemal’ to be in full bloom now. Huge red flowers of the size of a man’s palm, crimson red and full of nectar. The monkeys in Tezpur drank from them as if partaking from a cup!
And a month later, the pods burst and the ground was covered with wispy cotton clouds- almost looks like a blanket of snow from afar. This has to be seen to be believed.
The ‘Flame of the Forest’ too blooms around this time. None of these have a overpowering perfume like Millingtonia hortensis and one has to look up to appreciate the red or purple canopy.
Poinsettias have begun to fade now. Time soon to repot them.

And yes, have learnt this trick to let you read my earlier relevant posts. So follow the beckoning hand for more information!

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