Combatting Cough

hWe are seeing unpreceedented cold weather across India. Pune is known for a huge variation in day-night temperatures and the difference can at times be up to three times.

Thus, cough and cold are almost continuous companions, in both children and adults.

I am reposting an earlier nuska – ideal for dry nagging cough.
This formula has been handed down my family.
Obviously it is not a substitute for a visit to a doctor or medications.
: )

Those allergic to any ingredients, please use discretion.

Roast 10 whole cloves on a gas flame using tongs.
Similarly roast 10 whole cardamoms.
When cool, pound the two together to a fine powder.
Mix in about 4 tsp of honey. Honey made from ‘jambhool‘ is most effective, else any variety will do.
The sweet n spicy potion is ready!
Store in a tightly closed jar.
Consume 1/8 tsp at a time, three times a day.


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