Mistaken identity

Those who play golf will know the misery of having to lose golf balls either in jungles or lakes. On a particularly bad day, my shots unerringly land there. The caddie can spend hours to no avail.
While in Assam our troubles were compounded when we faced the added menace of crows. And how did the birds trouble the golfers you may well ask…
The crows usually kept circling over the greens and as soon as a ball landed, they would swoop down, pick it up with their beaks and fly away! Initially I thought it was restricted to the crows in our area but soon found out that most neighbouring courses to had the same problem.
That was a few years ago. Today we face the same problem in the city but eagles have joined in this activity as well. Is it a sport to them or do they mistake the ball for an egg?
The latter seemed more likely. I have recently come across the following article wherein another species too has suffered from the same problem but was saved in the nick of time.

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I hope the birds treat is as a sport!

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